Chasing After Idols

Scripture: Hosea 2

Major Themes of Hosea

  • Israel has rebelled
  • God will bring consequences for their sin and idolatry
  • God’s relentless love and mercy
  • Hope for redemption

Idolatry Exposed

Misplaced Gratitude


You do what you do, because you want what you want.

Idols of the Heart

Definition of an Idol – It can be anything or anyone that is taking my heart away from worshiping the one true God.

Questions for identifying my idols

  1. I will sin if I don’t get…
  2. I will sin in order to get…
  3. I need this…
  4. I want that…
  5. I must have this…
  6. I have the right to…

Spiritual Amnesia

Just Punishment


Take Aways

  • Are there spiritual idols in my heart?
  • What’s at the root of my sinful behavior?
  • Have I misplaced my gratitude? Am I thanking God for blessings each day?
  • Do I have spiritual amnesia? Have I forgotten my salvation and God’s relentless love?
  • Are some of the problems in my life right now, due to chasing after the wrong things instead of knowing God deeper, submitting to Him and obeying His Word?
  • Have I responded to the Gospel and accepted God’s offer of forgiveness and reconciliation?