called to be holy

Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-25

Prepare your mind

What does “gird up the loins of your mind” mean? Be ready for action!

Set your hope on God’s grace

Do not be conformed to the world

Be holy (different)

Live with purpose


  • God judges the world
  • We were bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ
  • Through Jesus you have faith and hope in God

Love one another


  • Obedience to God’s Word
  • You’ve been born again
  • God’s Word is living and eternal
  • Our lives are temporary
  • God’s Word is a constant in our lives

Closing Questions

How are doing with preparing your mind for trails and guarding your heart from evil?

How are you thinking about the coronavirus? Are you letting your thoughts and fears run rampant or are you believing only what is true?

Is your hope for the future in people and your stuff or is in God? Can other people see that?

Are you acting just like the world? Is there any difference in the way you are thinking, speaking or acting than when you were not a believer? Are you different from unbelievers?

Are you becoming more holy, more like Jesus Christ? Or are you fine with staying the same?

Are you living with purpose? Montclair State, my college’ motto is Carpe Diem – seize the day. Do you look to bring God glory in all that you do?

Are you loving others with God’s unconditional love? How do we do this with social distancing and staying home? Call someone to encourage them. Pray for someone or with someone. Check on your neighbors. See if they need help or something from the store.

Don’t be like everyone else. Be different. Be holy for God!

I’m so glad you joined us this morning for hope from God’s Word. Please comment or contact me by email if you want to talk about how you can have this sure hope in God for yourself.