Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4:1-13


We are continuing our series in 1 Corinthians called Living in Light of Eternity. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth about some very serious problems they were dealing with like sexual morality, marriage, using our spiritual gifts, and the need for everything to be done in love. And then he gave them encouraging theology about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our future resurrection as believers. That’s where the series title “Living in Light of Eternity” comes from. With our view of eternity, knowing that our souls will go on forever and ever, knowing that God will judge our behavior, and knowing that His Son Jesus died so that we can spend eternity with God, how should we think, live, and act today?

The city of Corinth was a key seaport city in the Roman Empire’s trade route. Like many other wealthy crossroads cities, it had a reputation for sexual immorality, religious diversity and corruption. A lot like our culture today. As we read this letter to another group of Christians in another church from another century, let’s watch for principles or teachings that apply to our church community here in Dunkirk.

We will see three methods of evaluation in this passage. Listen for them. A common evaluation, the desired evaluation, and finally an alternative out-of-the-box kind of evaluation.

A Common Evaluation

(verses 1-5)

Snap judgments
Not your place to judge
Worldly standards
Self-appointed judges

The Desired Evaluation

(verses 1-7)

Patiently wait for right time
Recognize your biases and limitations
Value God’s ultimate commendation
View heart not just outward

An Alternative Evaluation

(verses 8-13)

Upside-down, logic-defying, paradigm shift
Heroes of faith were destroyed
Church members benefited
Apostles viewed as scum of the earth

Take Homes

Are you guilty of judging other Christians with the wrong methods and motives for evaluation?

I am questioning my own as well, so if you thinking I am pointing a finger at you – I am letting God’s Word do the talking.

Do you make snap judgments without taking time for more info? Instead try showing more patience, grace, and restraint.

Do you complain and gripe about the ministry work others are doing while you sit back and don’t serve? Get in the game and help others improve instead of grumbling.

Do you humbly recognize your own biases and hold your tongue unless you have something to say that is encouraging, building up, and gives grace to those who hear it?

Scripture tells us God will be the judge of our work done as a believer and He will reward what is done with pure heart and pure motive. We should make sure we are serving humbly and faithfully and not worry so much about others.

But God will not reward your works with salvation. Listen to Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
If you have never accepted the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection, come to talk to me after the service. If you’re watching this on-line Contact Us.