Scripture: Joshua 2

Setup for the passage

Moses, the man God chose to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt has died. Joshua, one the two faithful men sent to spy out the Promised Land was chosen as the new leader of Israel. The people of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years until all the older generation except for Joshua and Caleb died. Now God was directing Joshua and Israel to go into the Promised Land – defeat the people who are living there and possess or settle in the land. Just as Moses had sent twelve men in advance to observe and report on the Promised Land, Joshua now sent two men into the Land to assess the people, the cities, the defenses and armies. The first city they would come to was called Jericho and it was famously surrounded by high impenetrable walls.

Rahab Heard About God

Rahab heard about the God of Israel. She said “I know the Lord has given you this land. Our people are terrified and melting with fear.” We heard how the Lord miraculously dried up the Red Sea and your people walked safely across. We heard about how you defeated the Amorite kings Sihon and Og and completely destroyed them. This account is found in Numbers 21
She said the people realized that if the all-powerful God said the land was being given to Israel they were powerless to stop Him or His people.

Rahab Acted on Faith

It wasn’t enough for Rahab to believe in God and to believe the two men. She had to follow their instructions to be saved. As I shared last week when I preached about the Gospel. It’s not enough to know who God is and to know who Jesus is.
The Book of  James 2:19 says “Even the demons know this.” You have to act on your faith. You need to confess your sins and accept God’s forgiveness through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Romans 10:10 “For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.”

Rahab was Redeemed

The word redeem literally means to pay for something or to buy it back. When God redeems people, he delivers them from sin and frees them to new life. The payment was always blood.
They were all saved because Rahab heard about the mighty God of Israel, she had faith that she could be saved, and she acted on her faith. This is how God’s redemption works. He provides a way of salvation, but people need to hear, believe, and act on that offer.

God sent his Son Jesus Christ as the Messiah or Savior not just of Israel but of the world. He lived a perfect, sinless life, and was crucified on a Roman cross. He carried our sins on his shoulders, and when he bled and died, our sins were paid for in full. Jesus came back to life three days later, conquering sin and death.

God has offered you redemption, salvation from your sins, and eternal life. Will accept His gift? It is not something you can earn, only receive.

v. 25 Not only was Rahab and her family saved, but Joshua gives us an end note. Rahab moved into the Israelite community and at the time of the writing of this book, she was still there.

A very unlikely woman whose life was a mess with sin and as far from God as she could be was redeemed. This prostitute became a famous mother in the Bible who raised her son, Boaz well. We will talk about his story next year along with Ruth. But quickly – Boaz recognized his family obligation to marry Ruth and become her kinsman redeemer. He saved her and the family land her husband had left behind. Young men of character who obey God do not happen by accident. We can presume their was a godly influence from his mother, Rahab.

Scarlet Thread

The scarlet cord she tied to her window as a sign to the Israelite army was part of God’s grand redemption plan. Scarlet is the deep red color of blood. And this cord symbolically points back to the blood painted over the door posts of the Jewish homes in Egypt. When the angel of death saw the blood on the door, he passed over that house and all who were inside were saved. In

and 39, the instructions for the high priest’s ephod or breastplate included a scarlet thread woven through the fabric. He was viewed as holy by God. The curtains of the tabernacle and temple also had a scarlet thread woven through them. When the attacking Jewish army came into Jericho, and they saw the scarlet cord in the the window, they passed by Rahab’s house and all who were inside were saved. The scarlet thread weaves throughout the Bible connecting God’s redemption with the color scarlet symbolizing blood, forgiveness and redemption. The scarlet thread is finally connected to Jesus who died on the cross and through his blood paid for our sins and our redemption.

Rahab was part of that scarlet thread. Part of God’s Redemption Plan. She is a woman and a mother worthy of praise.

Take Aways

Were you expecting to hear about God’s redemption and the Gospel on Mother’s Day?
Maybe today you realized that like Rahab you are a sinner, far from God, unable to save yourself. Today you can confess your sin to God and accept the forgiveness of sins and the gift of redemption through Jesus Christ and eternal life. It would be the greatest mother’s day present for your mom and grandma – sharing that you trusted Jesus as your Savior. You joined God’s family.
Are you a mom or grandma who thinks your life is too far gone? God wouldn’t want you or couldn’t make anything good out of your life. What do you have to offer? Look at Rahab’s life. God uses broken people who are willing to humble themselves, trust in Jesus as Redeemer, and live a life obedient to God’s Word. Maybe you need to renew that commitment today.

Are you the mother of a Boaz or the grandmother of a David? Or maybe a Rahab? Make sure you are telling your own redemption story to your family and sharing how God has changed your life and is still working on you. Pray for them daily. Be an encourager of their faith and spiritual growth. Give them a new Bible. Challenge them to read through it and memorize verses with you.

For everyone else. I hope you honor, love, and serve your mother and grandmothers well. Not just today, but every day. Listen to them. Spend time with them. Love them. They are gifts in your life, from God.