In His Image – Discipleship & Counseling Conference

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Do you love people and want to help them grow spiritually? Do you have family members who are struggling with life’s issues?

Do you want to learn to respond to your own struggles in ways that bring glory to God? Join us!

Join us as we watch select sessions from the Association for Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) annual conference. Bring your bible, a notebook and pen, and a heart ready to grow and learn.

Theme: In His Image – Recovering Human Dignity

Every life has dignity and worth because every person is made in God’s image.

However, our sin fools us into believing we are the ultimate governors of creation and the gatekeepers of truth. Our hostility towards God culminated in the crucifixion of the One Who Is His Very Image. But God intended man’s scandalous act of hatred to be His supreme act of love.

By dying and rising again for us, Jesus Christ prepared the way to restore what was broken in us. But only as we know and love the true Image of the invisible God can we be made right again. Only in Christ do we find the power that redeems, renews, and reshapes us into His image. Join us in October 2022 as we look to our Creator to learn how to counsel, encourage, and reclaim the value of those made in His image.

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