Pride & Providence

Scripture: Genesis 10-11

In Jane Austen’s famous romantic novel Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy’s pride keeps him from looking for love below his social status, while Miss Bennet’s prejudice temporarily blinds her to seeing his honorable character. These two characters are classics in literary history and the reader painfully waits for them to look past the temporal and trivial to see the much bigger picture.

So it is with many of us, that our own pride and preconceived prejudices keep us from seeing the big picture and what is most important. We were marvelously created by an omniscient (all-knowing) God with free will to make our own choices. Unfortunately, due to the corruption of sin, we most often choose our own way instead of following godly wisdom and obeying our benevolent and merciful Creator.

As we return to the book of Genesis this morning, we will see the place that pride plays in the new world after the flood. And we will see God’s providential love and mercy even in His judgment.

All nations came from Adam and Eve. And after the flood, restarted from Noah’s three sons and their wives. There is nothing in the Bible about different races of people. It only refers to nations.

There is no place for self-pride, racism and prejudice in the heart of a follower of Jesus Christ. In James 2 we read

“My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. But if you show partiality, you are committing sin.”   – James 2:1, 8-9 (ESV)

God’s plan is for people to know Him and to worship Him. He offered His Son, Jesus Christ, to die in the place of humanity to pay the penalty for sin.

Many people choose to ignore God and continue to live life on their own terms. Others look for a religion that makes sense to them and they follow a system of rules or works to attempt to please God. Both of these are anchored in pride. Saying either I don’t need God or saying I will do enough good to take care of my sin.

The only way to have a relationship with God, your Creator, is through His Son Jesus Christ. Accepting God’s gift of love and mercy is the only way. Have you trusted in Jesus as your Savior?