Scripture: Mark 7: 24-37


We are continuing our series: The Crown & The Cross sermon. Mark’s Gospel shows Jesus as a man of decisive action with a clear message and mission, and the reader is called to actively response to the message. Mark divides Jesus’ life into two parts: his identity as Messiah and King over all things in the first 8 chapters (the crown) and then in the last 8 chapters we see Him fulfilling His life’s purpose in suffering and dying on the cross. Two weeks ago, in chapter 7, a group of religious leaders came to Jesus looking to discredit Him and his teaching by accusing his disciples of breaking the traditions of the elders. Jesus responded showing that people can’t make themselves clean by outward actions, now matter how hard they try. God’s Word reveals that only Jesus can clean our hearts.
This morning, as we finish chapter 7, we will see Jesus interacting with two marginalized people. Spoiler Alert! – Jesus responded with loving mercy and healing, showing that God cares for everyone. The Gospel is not for the rich and famous, or the bright and beautiful – it is for the humble and needy. You will also want to take a look at the parallel passage in Matthew 15.

Mark 7:24-30

  • Woman begged for help
  • Jesus’ response
  • Woman’s faith
  • Healing

Mark 7:31-37

  • Friends begged for help
  • Jesus’ mercy
  • Healing
  • Glory to God


  • Both were Gentiles
  • Both were marginalized in society
  • Both needed someone to beg or plead for them
  • Both were shown mercy by Jesus
  • Both were healed – one from a distance and the other by compassionate touch
  • God was glorified
  • There are many marginalized people today.
  • Jesus still welcomes all and offers mercy forgiveness, healing, and life to the humble

Take Homes

  • Humbly come to God – God welcomes all who humbly come to Him. Even if you feel like no cares about you, Jesus does. Everyone must recognize and admit their sin before a Holy God. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection God offers you forgiveness, healing and eternal life.
  • Show mercy to the marginalized as Jesus did. Do you love those ignored by society? God’s compassion reaches to everyone who feels lost and alone. Pray for His eyes and heart to serve and love those the world is ignoring.
  • Glorify God in everything you do – Just as Jesus gave his heavenly Father credit for His miracles, we should always point people to God. Don’t look for people to notice and thank you. Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.