Jonah – Who are You?

Key Questions

  • Are you running from God’s grace and love?
  • ‌Are you avoiding His commands and direction for your life?
  • Is compassion for your enemies missing in your heart, words, and actions?

Who was Jonah?

  • 2 Kings 14:25 – son of Amittai; a prophet from Gath-hepher
  • Joshua 19:13 – from Galilee
  • Around 760 BC (Amos & Hosea’s time)

Jonah & Jesus

  • Compare & Contrast
  • Matthew 12:38-41 – Greater!
  • Luke 15 – Prodigal Son

Jonah & God’s Word

Jonah & God’s World

Jonah & God’s Grace

Major Themes

  • God’s compassion is boundless, not limited just to “us” but also available for “them.”
  • God’s sovereign control over events on the earth
  • God’s determination to get his message to the nations
  • Need for repentance from sin in general
  • Need for repentance specifically from self-centeredness and hypocrisy
  • Full assurance that God will relent when people repent

Take Aways

  • Are you running from God’s love and grace?
  • Are you running from God’s call to do something great?
  • Do you have a hard time forgiving people and extending grace?
  • Do you get angry when God does?

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