Guest Speaker: Greg Frank

Sermon: Even If

Take Aways

  • Do what is right according to God’s word despite our circumstances
  • Acknowledge in our “victories” who gave us the strength.
  • Recognize that in the world many will see God do amazing things and still fully reject Him.
  • Trust the Lord, Even If, things do not work out as we think they should

Today’s Guest Speaker:

Greg Frank (Bethany Camp Executive Director)

Greg & Stephanie (Food Service Director) FrankGreg began his ministry here at Bethany Camp in February of 2004, and has over 25 years experience in camping ministry. Greg graduated with a degree in physical education from Cedarville University, and has a wide range of life experience. Greg has spent time as a camp director, Christian School teacher, a UPS shift manager, and overseeing an onion shipping operation. At Bethany, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the camp, gives guidance for future projects, and implements the vision for the camp. He is a certified lifeguard instructor, has a large amount of knowledge in the area of construction, and food service.Learn more at