Scripture: Genesis 50

God’s Good Plan

  • Restore His creation to perfection.
  • Redeem or save all who trust in His Son Jesus Christ
  • Plan for every believer to be His image-bearers and to become more like Jesus Christ


  • God’s absolute rule and authority over all things
  • Nothing can stop His plan
  • God is faithful and He will enable you to endure trials


  • God’s preserving care for His creation and guiding history towards the completion of His grand plan.
  • He will complete His plan for you

READ Hebrews 11:22

By faith these people of old received their commendation. Even though they lived under the old covenant, they were saved by faith, not by their works.

READ Ephesians 2:8-9

This gift of salvation is available to you today. Right now, you can humble yourself before God, admit that you are a sinner in need of salvation. Recognize Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on the cross paying the penalty for your sin, as your Lord and Savior. And believe that the God who raised Him from the dead will give you the gift of eternal life. Come talk to me (Pastor Mark) if you are ready to make the most important decision in your life.