Christmas Playlist 4: Simeon’s Song

Scripture: Luke 2:25-35


Today is the fourth and final week of advent – or waiting. Next Sunday is Christmas Day. We have been exploring a Christmas Playlist from the familiar Gospel of Luke. These may not be the songs we regularly sing, but these first songs of Christmas are meant to make us think. They are meant to change us as they ask and answer four important questions about Christmas. Last Sunday in the Angels’ song we will answer the question “How did God come?” It was miraculous but very unexpected.

Today, in Simeon’s Song we will answer the final question How Did God Do It?
How did He do what?
How would God save and redeem His people?

If you pull out the insert in your bulletin, you can jot down some of your own thoughts and questions as we go along. If you’re watching on-line today, you can find the notes at

Today’s question: “How Did God Do It?”

Two weeks ago, we answered the question, Why Do You Need God? We wouldn’t have a Christmas to celebrate if Jesus, the Son of God, did not need to come to earth to be the Savior and Redeemer. And so, today’s question of How Did God Do It? is related directly to the question why we need God. Romans 3:23 says All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are all born as sinners separated from God and desiring to be fully in charge of everything. You know that feeling right? We see it in our children from a very young age. They want what they want. And with their actions and words scream “Give it to me, Now!” But God is the true authority, and He calls us to be righteous and holy. We need our sins to be forgiven. We need to be set free from that constant pull to do things our way. We need to be saved because we can’t do it ourselves. And we need to be redeemed or freed from slavery and the control of sin in our lives. Today we will hear in Simeon’s song a glimpse at how this little baby would change the world forever. We love seeing little baby Jesus in the manger, but we can’t forget that He grew up to save the world through his greatest sacrifice.

Our fourth singer is a man named Simeon. Today’s Scripture passage in Luke 2 tells us he was righteous and devout. That means he obeyed God’s laws and wanted to please God with his life. He was also waiting his whole life for the consolation of Israel. That means he was waiting for the promised Messiah to come and save his people. For Israel’s pain and suffering to be relieved. Listen to what happens when he sees baby Jesus in Jerusalem with Mary and Joseph.

Prophecies Fulfilled

Isaiah’s prophecies in chapters 24, 40 and 66 were fulfilled in Jesus’ birth.

READ Isaiah 40:1-5

Heartbreak is Coming

Simeon, also said to Mary, “And a sword will pierce your own soul.” John 19:25 tells us that Mary was standing at the foot of the cross watching her son Jesus suffering and dying on the cross. Any mother that loses a child knows that heart breaking pain.

Your Bill is Paid

Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross and Mary watched that happen. The perfect man, who committed no sins, was also the Son of God, and He alone could pay for your sins and mine. He said from the cross “It is finished.” But he didn’t remain in the grave. Three days later, he came back to life and proved that He really was the Son of God. You can read about that in Luke 23-24. Just as the angels proclaimed Jesus’ birth, angels returned and sat on the empty tomb to tell the good news. “He is not here; He has risen! Just as He said He would.

So How Did God Do It?

How did God offer salvation to His people? How did He fulfill the promises He made to Simeon, Mary, Zechariah, and the shepherds? How did He offer forgiveness and full payment of the sins of the world? He sent His Son to die in our place. To make the payment for our sins with His own blood, His own life. He did all of this because of His unbelievable, unconditional, redeeming love for us.

READ John 3:16-17

That’s the Gospel. That’s our advent theme today. God’s great love for you.

If you have never confessed your sin to God; if you have never accepted Jesus’ payment for your sins; if you have never placed your faith in Him as your Savior; let today be the day! Come talk to me after the service. If you’re watching on-line, contact me through the website or through the church office. This could be the best Christmas you’ve ever experienced because you will know the Savior personally and you will begin a new life in him.