Scripture: Hosea 1

Major Themes of Hosea

  • Israel has rebelled
  • God will bring consequences for their sin and idolatry
  • God’s relentless love and mercy
  • Hope for redemption

God’s Unbelievable Command

  • Go marry a whore
  • Marriage is God’s idea

Hosea’s Immediate Response

  • He married Gomer and took her to be his wife
  • Hosea obeyed God without question

Three Difficult Children

  • Jezreel
  • No Mercy
  • Not My People

Reminder of God’s Covenant Promise

  • You will be a great nation
  • Salvation for all nations
  • Divided kingdoms will be restored under one King (Messiah)


  • Hosea’s impossible marriage is a picture of God’s relentless love
  • God’s opposite responses to the ugliness of sin: judgment & restoration

Take Aways

  • Do you see yourself as a good person?
  • Do you judge people like Gomer?
  • Do you think your marriage is impossible?
  • Do you struggle with God’s sovereignty?
  • How are you responding to suffering, worrying, illness, disappointments?
  • Do you glorify God in your difficulties or only when things are going well?