Scripture: Mark 14:53-72

Jesus before the Council

False Accusations

Jesus’ Response

Jesus Condemned to Death

Peter watching from a distance

True Accusations

Peter’s Response

Summary – A Tale of Two Rocks

After the Passover meal, Jesus knew the difficult road that lay ahead of himself and his disciples. That is why he spent hours in prayer in the garden. He poured out his heart to God his Father and he submitted to the Father’s will no matter what. He also told Peter, James, and John to watch and pray as well so that they would not give in to temptation. The disciples fell asleep three times just as Peter failed Jesus these three times.

We saw Jesus the sold rock. He relied completely on the Father. He didn’t speak when unreliable testimonies and false charges were brought against him. He only answered when the high priest asked the right question “Are the the messiah, the Son of God?” And then Jesus gave a clear testimony that he was the Son of God and the rightful Messiah. Jesus stood firm.

Sadly we also saw Peter as a crumbling rock. The servant girl and several other people all claimed to see Peter with Jesus. Unlike Jesus’ accusers, their testimonies were ultimately true and they all agreed. He was relying on his own courage and afraid to die. He denied being a disciple. He denied even knowing Jesus. And he failed to even name Jesus the Lord. Peter swore that all of these true statements were lies. And when heard the rooster crow he realized he had failed the test of discipleship. He broke down and cried.

Thankfully, Peter’s story doesn’t end there with defeat. He confessed his sin and pledged to follow Jesus faithfully. He preached the powerful Gospel to the newly gathered church in Acts 1 and Christian tradition says that Peter was crucified for his testimony of Jesus in Rome during the brutal persecutions of emperor Nero.

Hudson Taylor – “God chose me because I was weak enough. He trains somebody to be quiet enough, and little enough, and then uses him.”

The Apostle Paul in 2 Cor 12:9-10 said, “For the sake of Christ I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Jan read 2 Cor 4 for us before the message. Paul describes believers as fragile jars of clay with the greatest treasure of God’s grace inside us so that we can show that the power and glory belong to God not us.

Take Aways

Jesus is the Son of God, and even though perfectly innocent, He was willing to be falsely accused and die for us. His followers should be ready to do the same for His name.

Have you trusted Jesus as your Savior? The Son of God was falsely accused, mocked, beaten, whipped, and nailed to a cross to die in your place. He paid for our sins because he was sinless. And he came back to life after three days to offer you eternal life and peace with God. Come to talk to me.

Most of us will not become martyrs for our faith in Jesus. But are you willing to endure ridicule when someone laughs at our beliefs?

Are you willing to ignore false personal attacks for the sake of Jesus?

Will you show his mercy and grace to those who don’t deserve it? Will you give only your best to your family, your spouse, your co-workers because God gave his best for you?

Will you give a true testimony of who Jesus is and how he has changed your life when given the opportunity?