Christmas 2021

You are invited to join us for a special Christmas advent series, The Promise, at 9:30 am Sunday mornings starting on November 28 for the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

A promise is an assurance that a certain thing will come to pass. We make promises all the time. Sometimes we see them through. Other times they never become a reality. But God is different. When he makes a promise, we can be confident that He will be faithful to bring it to fruition. The Bible is full of promises from God to His people, and there is one life-changing promise we celebrate every Christmas: God’s promise of a Savior named Jesus. Join us this Christmas season as we take a look at four of the first people to see this incredible promise fulfilled.

We invite you and your family & friends to join us this year for an opportunity to set aside time each week to celebrate the coming of Christ – the most important event in world history. Our worship services will help us place our focus on a far greater story than our own—the story of God’s redeeming love for our world and the greatest promise ever made.

The four weeks leading up to Christmas have been celebrated through the ages as the “Advent” or coming. Each Sunday we will light one of the four candles on the Advent wreath and discover God’s messages of hope, peace, joy and love through His Word, the Bible. The Old Testament tells of the coming Messiah – the one who would save the world. The New Testament shares the Good News – the Gospel of the arrival of Jesus Christ the Son of God, born in Bethlehem so many years ago.

November 28   Simeon – HOPE

God was offering His people hope in Isaiah 9:2 by promising a light that would come to expel the darkness. Simeon’s encounter with the baby Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise to bring salvation to all people. Simeon had the audacity to hope that God would come through, even after years of waiting.

December 7   The Shepherds – PEACE

God promised in Isaiah that a day was coming when the Messiah would come and usher in a government of peace. The angels bring good news to the lowly shepherds and confirm that a new and unexpected way to govern was coming to pass that would indeed bring peace on earth.

December 14   Zechariah – JOY

God would prepare the way for Christ’s birth through his cousin John. John’s unlikely conception and birth bring his father Zechariah great joy because this child would be one crying in the wilderness, preparing the way for the Messiah’s coming.

December 21   Mary – LOVE

God’s promise in Isaiah is that He would come to dwell with His people and to rescue them. This is fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ, who is known as Immanuel, God with us. Jesus made a great sacrifice, giving up the splendors of heaven to come to earth. But He did more than just live among us, because of His great love, He provided a way for us to have eternal life. Jesus became the Savior of the world.

You can sing your favorite Christmas carols, hear beautiful special music from college students and our own church family, and anticipate the weekly lighting of the Advent wreath as we countdown to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Your family will want to stay for delicious cookies, coffee, and cocoa after each service too!

Friday, December 24  Candlelit Christmas Eve Service at 6:00 pm

On Christmas Eve we celebrate that Jesus came as the Messiah, the One who would save the people from their sins. Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies spoken of Him through the ages, and in Jesus, we see a beautiful picture of the fullness of God.

December 26   God’s Promises In Your Life  – Service at 10 am

God’s promised Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. These were all fulfilled in the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. When we trust Jesus as Savior these gifts can be experienced in their fullest in our lives. How will they change your life and the people around you?


Children are always welcome in our services, but there is a nursery for infants through 5 years old provided for all services and Kid’s Church for kindergarten through fourth grade. Sunday School (K-12 Grade) and adult Bible classes meet at 11 am each Sunday after our coffee & cookie time.

Family Advent Activity Guide

Please download and print this to enjoy celebrating the coming of Jesus with your family.

Family Advent Guide

Christmas Events

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First Baptist Church is located at 876 Central Ave in Dunkirk. For more information call the church office at 716-366-6634.