The Grace of Giving Part 2

Message Date: July 16, 2017

Text: 2 Corinthians 9
Theme: The Grace of Giving, Part 2
Introduction: The Unnecessary Chapter

  • Reasons to Give and Principles of Giving
    Enthusiasm inspires others; enthusiasm without action is an embarrassment (9:1-5a)
    Giving is to be with a generous spirit, not a grudging spirit (9:5b)
    You reap according to how much you sow (9:6)
    How much to give is determined by how much you can cheerfully give (9:7)
    God loves a cheerful giver (9:7)
    It is God’s abounding grace that enables us to abound in good works (9:8-11)
    Generous giving meets needs and results in thanksgiving to God (9:11,12)
    Generous giving is confirmation of your confession of faith (9:13)
    Those benefited will pray for you (9:14)
    We are forever indebted to God (9:15)

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