Sufficiency in Christ

Message Date: March 5, 2017

Text: 2 Corinthians 2:12-3:6

Theme: Our sufficiency in Christ

Introduction: The believer’s self-concept

  1. Paul Defends the Integrity of His Ministry
    1. A comparison: Being a Christian is like being part of a triumphal procession. (2:14-16)
      • Jesus Christ is the conquering leader. (2:14)
      • We are sharers in His victory. (2:14
      • We are an aroma. (2:15)
    2. A declaration:
      • He is not a peddler of God’s Word (2:17)
      • He speaks in sincerity, as from God, as before God, in Christ (2:17)
    3. A question: Who is sufficient for such a task? (2:16)
      • He denies his need of self-commendation or letters of commendation (3:1,2)
      • He appeals to the Corinthian believers as commendation (3:2,3)
      • He declares his sufficiency in Christ

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